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Hi folks,


You may be wondering what on earth has happened to the new album I’ve been

banging on about for the last couple of years?! Well here it is:


I think it’s time for an explanation...

Throughout 2011, I wrote and demoed lots of songs for a prospective new album. I

really enjoyed this process. I have never before had the luxury of so much time to

concentrate solely on being creative. Most of my days that year were spent doing

what I’m supposed to be doing, developing my music by honing and crafting new


In January 2012, I began recording them with my long time friend and collaborator,

producer Matt Butler, whose CV reads like a roll call of many of the industry’s

biggest names, including none other than Sir Paul McCartney - I am always humbled

to work with Matt! We recorded much of the album - acoustic and electric guitars,

vocals, cello (Beth Porter) and piano (Morg Morgan) - at Matt’s house in

Herefordshire. The album has a full band sound and the drums (Alex Thomas) and

bass (Steve Amadeo) were recorded at the famous Rockfield Studios in

Monmouthshire, in the middle of last year.

Once the recording stage was completed, Matt enlisted Jon Kelly, famed for his

production work with Kate Bush, to mix the album. I was staggered by Jon’s

wonderful contribution. It only remained for Dick Beetham to master the record

whilst my good friend, the talented graphic designer Amanda Duffin of Eleven08,

created another stunning cover incorporating, this time, the fantastic colour

illustrations of Hannah Porter and the photography of Jesse Davey (The Hoax).

So why the delay? On listening back to the finished album, I was struck by how

different it is from my previous recordings. It has a very English flavour to it, as

opposed to the heavily American influenced sounds present on previous albums. As a

consequence of this, I decided to release the album as an entirely separate side-

project, under a different name.

The project is called Kinver and the album, ‘The Stone House’. I am extremely

pleased with it, and very proud of it. I really hope you are going to like it. You can

discover more about Kinver at


Here is a link to a short promotional video for the album to whet your appetite:


‘The Stone House’ is officially released on Monday 19th August, but you can get

hold of a copy of the album, priced at a very reasonable £10 plus p&p, right now:

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